Following yesterday’s Q2 report on Fiscal Year 2023, Nintendo has shared a follow-up Corporate Management Policy Briefing that has shared some interesting tidbits.

Nintendo has shared a very notable stat about third party games on the Switch. According to the Big N, Switch third party support has reached the highest level ever seen in the history of Nintendo’s “home entertainment systems.”

Now, the question is what exactly does Nintendo mean by home entertainment systems? Does that mean only consoles, or do they consider portables and consoles to both be home entertainment systems? You’d have to think the DS saw an insane amount of third party titles, but was it enough to stave off Switch?

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1+ y ago

I suspect that only means consoles. But the wording can be seen as a little vague.


1+ y ago

I think the wording means “console” and not “handheld”.


1+ y ago

The Switch has the biggest console software library in history, with more than 8000 titles and rising! The DS doesn't even come close, it "only" has 3468 titles! After switch is PS4 which has around 2500 titles less. There's nothing to compare. When all is done Switch will surely have over 10.000 titles.

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1+ y ago

I highly doubt that the next gen Nintendo hardware is ever going to get to Switch levels..not even a fraction.