Ever since Banjo-Kazooie released, there’s been a bit of a debate amongst fans. When players first made their way to Mad Monster Mansion, they saw the friendly-looking flower pots seen above. When you interact with those flower pots, they utter a phrase. For some, that phrase was nothing more than a pleasantry, for others, it was extremely rude.

Some Banjo-Kazooie fans swore up and down that those flower pots were saying “F*$^ YOU” to players, while others heard “THANK YOU.” Of course, some who claimed to hear the curse word were just joking, but there’s no denying that the audio is a bit tough to decipher. Now, decades after the debate first sparked, we have our definitive answer.

Composer extraordinaire Grant Kirkhope has taken to Twitter to put the debate to rest, as he was the one that uttered the infamous phrase, and he has the original sound files to share. After hearing the results, there’s no doubt that Kirkhope was never anything other than friendly with his phrase, but it’s still a funny mishearing nonetheless.

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1+ y ago

I didn't realize anybody actually thought it was F you


1+ y ago

So long, gay Bowser!


1+ y ago

I thought everyone knew it was "thank you" and the "f*ck you" was just a joke. Kinda like The Super Mario Bros. Super Show's "Thank you, Luigi."