Publisher Team17 has announced that Golf With Your Friends is getting an update on Nov. 28th, 2022, and it’s a pretty sizable one. This update, dubbed the Couch Mode update, adds in some local multiplayer features to the game, but that’s not all. You can see the complete patch notes for this update below.

New additions:

  • New ‘Pizza Party’ Themed Cosmetic Pack (5 Hats, 2 Floaties, 2 Stickers, 1 Trail) [available on December 19th]
  • A random course button has been added to the course select menu and set as the default option
  • Max Course Length option is now available in Game Settings. Players can now specify the maximum number of Holes to be played before the game ends
  • Added a new Couch Mode preset Game Setting.
  • Local Quickplay option added to the Front End. Players can quickly jump into a local multiplayer game with Friends using the Couch game mode setting and Random Course
  • New local multiplayer ‘player selection’ flow
  • Added the ability to rename local players
  • ‘Offline’ name changed to ‘Local’ for clarity
  • Downloadable content menu containing all up-to-date DLC
  • 4 free Marble Stickers added to the droppable items pool
  • Personal stats moved to its own button in the top right of the front end
  • Help & Options moved to a button in the top right of the front end

Improvements to the Level Editor from community feedback:

  • Some missing Textures have been fixed
  • Quick place issues resolved, items now respect updated placement properties
  • Walls placed now follow the height of prior objects
  • Spawn point names correctly update chronologically after one is deleted
  • Copied objects are no longer offset from the cursor
  • No longer returned to editor after completing a hole in testing mode
  • You can now fly the camera outside the boundaries of the default terrain
  • Resized black holes now behave correctly in published courses
  • The Pirate_Cannon_DeepVariant asset now produces force in the direction it is pointed instead of always along the global X axis
  • Easy Wall Builder now works for walls from the Space theme

Various QoL bug fixes, including:

  • Shadow appearance improvement
  • Multiple collision issues resolved
  • Hockey goal placement improvements, including goalie synchronisation.
  • Missing textures fixed under certain graphical settings
  • Yellow floatie no longer displays for ‘no floatie’ in customisation menu
  • Fogging now visible on bouncy castle on consoles.
  • Out of bounds reset issues resolved
  • Haunted and Bouncy castle par stats now displayed correctly
  • Default basketball skin can now be recoloured
  • Changed description of Bounds Reset option to more accurately reflect its function.
  • Fixed some issues where Bounds Reset would reset the player while in-bounds (Candyland, Volcano, some others.)
  • Fixed alignment and visual issues with hockey/dunk goal tiles on many courses
  • Fixed instances of Z-fighting on several courses
  • Fixed various instances of incorrect hockey puck collision with course obstacles

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And I guess, still no support for more than one controller in multiplayer? That's a shame.