Curious Tea Party Event Announced for Pokémon Masters EX

As well as a story update for Paolo!

29 March 2022
by onettqueen 1

Pokémon Masters EX has released details on Curious Tea Party, its next event running from March 30, 2022, 11 PM PDT to May 3, 2022, 10:59 PM PDT. The Curious Tea Party event brings the Sync Pair of Lillie & Polteageist, as well as outfits for Ingo & Accelgor, Emmet & Escavalier, and Sonia & Tsareena.

The update, which coincides with the event, also alters tome elements. This change allows players to no longer have to battle to hatch eggs. The update also provides special voice overs when the player places specific Sync Pairs together in a team.


Paolo’s Interlude arc, as part of the Villain Arc Main Story, has also received a new chapter. This new chapter adds information about Paolo’s background, including his rivalry with Tina.

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2+ y ago

Can someone tell me why a friggin' mobile game has voice acting but the main games are stuck with embarassing scenes like the Spikemuth Gym 'song'?