Nintendo and Illumination shared a brand-new trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie yesterday, and it was pretty damn great. Following that trailer, most of us expected things to go a bit quiet on the film for a least a few weeks. Turns out we were dead wrong!

Nintendo and Illumination have started sharing commercials for the Super Mario Bros. movie, and believe it or not, they include new footage! While there are a couple of snippets seen in previous trailers, the bulk of the 30-second spot above features portions of the movie we haven’t seen up to this point.

The spot showcases Mario getting familiar with the Mushroom Kingdom. Watch as Mario has his first interaction with warp pipes, chats up Toad, and more.

UPDATE: A second spot showing even MORE footage has popped up as well. You can see that 20-second clip below.

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1+ y ago

I adore how creatively (and humorously) they're integrating game elements into the film.


1+ y ago

It's nice to see at least a handful of seconds in the Spanish clip where Mario isn't an idiot.