GoldenEye 007 is one of the most important and well-known games that the game industry has ever seen. The title came about through some insanely hard work from RARE, and it’s success only helped to elevate RARE to an even higher status.

Over the years, we’ve learned all sorts of juicy tidbits about how GoldenEye 007 came to be, but there’s always more to discover. Below, you can find a list of bullet points that share some development secrets and more that you might not know. I definitely learned a thing or two!

  • The Donkey Kong Country team was asked to make GoldenEye first
  • Nine of the eleven developers who worked on GoldenEye never made a game before
  • David Doak was on the verge of quitting before GoldenEye
  • The team never saw that initial design document
  • GoldenEye would have been an on-rails shooter if time didn’t allow for FPS development
  • At the start, the team didn’t know anything about the N64
  • The team wasn’t allowed to feature the character of Jack Wade
  • The team wouldn’t pay for use of the Eurocopter
  • RARE banned listening to music during the day
  • Rope was hard to animate, which is why Bond dives without one on the dam
  • Designer Duncan Botwood did almost all of the motion capture for the game
  • Sean Connery was (probably) the reason they had to remove the other Bonds
  • The team was told to use the Monty Norman theme as much as possible
  • The team recorded the sound effects of getting shot in a corridor
  • Nintendo was furious when the Christmas 1996 deadline was missed
  • The Team tried to add opening credits, but it would take up too much cart space

If you’d like to hear more about these tidbits or see even more things you might not know about GoldenEye, you can check out the complete breakdown at Time Extension.

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1+ y ago

I have to say I found that very interesting and I didn't know a lot of the bulleted points.

"Nine of the eleven developers who worked on GoldenEye never made a game before"

Super impressive. I doubt that would be allowed happen today.


1+ y ago

It's amazing how well the game holds up, even today. It's awesome knowing some of these hidden details on the dev process this many years later. I was never much for licensed games until Rare poured their talent into this one.

It's still some of my favorite gaming memories playing with friends using an assortment of candy colored N64 pads, arguing over who got to use the official rumble pack. Good times. They really mastered the formula with Perfect Dark though, but it would have never happened without the success and foundation of GoldenEye 007.