Setting up the Nintendo DS required you to answer a few simple questions about yourself. It’s nothing that took any more than a few minutes, and it’s all pretty run-of-the-mill stuff. Today we’ve learned that Nintendo was originally considering one more question for Nintendo DS users, and it’s not one you’d expect.

According to prototype Nintendo DS firmware that was discovered, users were originally able to list their blood type. Things like name, birthday and gender all make sense for activating a new piece of gaming hardware, but having to put in your blood type would definitely be a first! While this is pretty uncommon outside of Japan, it does seem that those in Japan share this information more frequently.

The firmware prototype also included a few other elements that were changed before the Nintendo DS released. For example, the hardware used a start-up sound of children shouting “Nintendo,” and a Game Boy Advance logo was displayed on the top screen.

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1+ y ago

I have the best blood type. Though it depends which perspective you're looking from.


1+ y ago

Let's see what we know about the DS from prototypes, old names and marketing taglines:

- Was originally going to be called the City Boy
- Had the marketing line 'touching is good'
- Choose your blood type

What a...disaster that'd have been.


1+ y ago

I don't even know my blood type to be honest...


1+ y ago

Asking for your blood type is more common in Japanese culture. Its said to tell about your personality, akin to astrology.