You may have heard, but just in case you haven’t, we’re running our very first GoNintendo Awards this year! We’ll be revealing our list of categories and winners on Saturday, December 31st, 2022, but we need a little input from you first!

While I’ve been talking with staff about the winners in various categories, there’s one that is completely fueled by you guys. The only votes related to this category will be ones that come from readers, so it’s up to you to make the pick!

Dear readers, we’re looking to see what you believe to be the best Switch game of the year for 2022? The only thing we ask is that you nominate a game that released on Switch in 2022. Yes, that include ports that originally came out years ago. If they arrived on Switch in 2022, they count!

You can reply with your choice (and explanation, if you so choose) in the comments below. We’ll be tabulating the votes before we share our GoNintendo Game Awards on Dec. 31st, 2022, and the game that gets mentioned the most by you guys will get the GN Player’s Choice Award. You can also share your answer on Twitter if you’d rather that take route. No matter where you comment, your vote counts!

Thanks for your participation, gang. We’ll all find out the winner together this weekend!

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1+ y ago

My pick would be Return to Monkey Island.

After a long hiatus, Ron Gilbert returns to deliver the great gameplay, classic Monkey Island humour, and satisfying conclusion to the Guybrush Threepwood Saga.


1+ y ago

It's an easy choice for me, It's Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The Xenoblade series is one of my favourite series and Xenoblade 3 is a fantastic game with some of the best written characters I've seen in any game coupled with really fun combat and some of the best sidequests in the series( X still has the best sidequests).


1+ y ago

I want to say Xenoblade Chronicles 3 but someone already mentioned it, I have been replaying Kirby and the Forgotten Land this week so I'll say that.


1+ y ago

I haven't played many big name titles this year despite buying a few but I will nominate because it honestly surprised just how much I enjoyed it....

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge


1+ y ago

Unfortunately this wasn’t much of a Switch year for me. I did enjoy Shredder’s Revenge. It counts even though I played it on another console. So that would be my pick.


1+ y ago

Xbc3 and Kirby were great, but it’s got to be Bayo 3 for me.


1+ y ago

XBC3, do I need to add more than what's already been said here?


1+ y ago

My vote is for Nintendo Switch Sports. It’s been fun hopping on each week to unlock the new costumes while trying to master my favorite sports (tennis and bowling).


1+ y ago

Xenoblade Chronicles 3! It has an excellent story, the soundtrack of the year, excellent visuals, smooth gameplay, and incredible voice acting. My favorite game of the year!


1+ y ago

My vote might be a cheat, but it’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s Booster Course Pack 1-3.


1+ y ago

Pokémon Legends: Arceus! 🙂


1+ y ago

Tunic with Super Mega Zero as runner-up.

Yep, you pretty much nailed my feelings on it. One other aspect that's gameplay and story related that I'm really enjoying is all the different heroes and the different classes they unlock.

So, my vote will be Xenoblade 3, but Shredder's Revenge definitely deserves a shout-out. Cowabunga Collection as well, but the actual games within the collection aren't exactly new.

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1+ y ago

Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


1+ y ago

Kirby and the forgotten REALMS.
It's the game I was able to get my nephew to play with me the most (other than fortnite)


1+ y ago

I was expecting a comment from a rather negative individual here but color me surprised as there is none (yet).

Unfortunately I'm playing RPGs and Visual Novels in the same order I bought them, which means I'm still stuck in 2021 territory with those games.

That said:
If ports count then my choice would be Persona 5 Royal.
If only new games count then I'd happily go for Kirby and the Forgotten Land.


1+ y ago

My vote is for Kirby and the Forgotten "Realms." I didn't play a ton on Switch this year, but Kirby was a fun, well-paced entry in one of my favorite genres (3D platformer). While it wasn't necessarily groundbreaking or overly incredible in any way, I had a lot of fun with the hungry pink puffball.

Honorable mentions for me are Pokemon Scarlet and Return to Monkey Island. Arguably Pokemon Scarlet was the most fun I had with a game this year, however I personally can't overlook the performance issues. And Return to Monkey Island was a great wrap-up to the series (for now) after a long hiatus.

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1+ y ago

I waited for the Switch release to play it. Such a brilliant game.


1+ y ago

It's gotta be Pokemon Legends: Arceus for me! What an amazing game that was.


1+ y ago

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Nothing else comes close for me on Switch this year. Xenoblade has become one of my top three Nintendo franchises at this point.


1+ y ago

Gotta go with Xenoblade!


1+ y ago

My pick would have to be No Man’s Sky. Why? Cause a major title that even a high end system had hiccups playing, played remarkably well on switch. A++


1+ y ago

Xenoblade 3, because there's not much else. Pokemon might be there, but it's been a looooooong time since I've played a game that ran this bad.


1+ y ago

Bayonetta 3 with ease!

It's just Bayonetta but even more Bayonetta!

Yeah sure they did some changes, but taht's just good.

Thank you, Ninty and Platy!!!!!!!!!


1+ y ago

Mine is definitely Xenoblade Chronicles 3.