All the way back in 2017, Nintendo hosted a Switch presentation to showcase what the system was all about to fans. That presentation included a surprise appearance from none other than Suda51, the man behind the No More Heroes franchise. You might remember Suda51 being quite excited during that event, an in a new interview, we find out just how excited (and nervous!) Suda51 was.

Suda51 took a moment to look back on being a part of Nintendo’s Switch presentation and just how much the invitation meant to him. It seems like this moment is considered a very important one to Suda, as he saw it as both acceptance and recognition of his work in the game industry. You can see Suda’s full comments on the moment below.

“I was invited to speak at the Nintendo Switch announcement event and when I made my appearance, I did the (pro wrestler) Keiji Muto pose. I was so stoked about that. Not stoked to do the pose! But for Nintendo to have been so kind as to invite me. It really made me happy. It felt like proof that Nintendo themselves had accepted us as video game creators. I really got kind of choked up over that.

Not just me. Everyone around me was super happy as well. Not just our staff, or our group, but other game creators. Like Inaba from PlatinumGames called up and was like, ‘Suda! That was awesome!’ It was seriously great to have all these people from other companies tell me how much fun it was. I was truly happy about that. I even got a bit excited as I hadn’t really gotten up to speak in front of people like that before so I was super nervous during the event. I was shaking before I got up on stage. I was shaking because I was nervous but also because it was euphoric. All these emotions were mixed in. But somehow, the moment I got up on stage, it was like all the pressure just disappeared. It was really awesome.

I want to think our fans liked it, too. Including our fans, there were so many people watching that conference from all over the world and I saw a few videos of people watching from overseas and cheering when I appeared and that also felt really great to see. Seeing everyone being so happy and excited, it really felt like a huge achievement for us.”


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1+ y ago

Nintendo has to have appreciation for grasshopper and the nmh series. It's definitely one of the very few games that helped the wii when the whole casual is destroying the industry nonsense started to appear online. That conference is when he teased nmh3 also from what I remember. It is a pretty good game. I wonder what grasshopper is up to these days.


1+ y ago

It was great for everyone...except the poor translator.