RUMOR: Illumination working on a Legend of Zelda Movie

Nintendo going all in on movies?

06 January 2023
by jmaldonado 16

Giant Freakin Robot has reported that Illumination, the studio behind the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie, will also be lending their talent to an animated Legend of Zelda film.

This information comes from their own “trusted and proven sources”. These sources apparently predicted other big movie news such as Henry Cavill not returning to play Superman and Hugh Jackman reprising the role of Wolverine for Deadpool 3.

A Zelda movie would also make sense given Nintendo’s recent efforts to spread their franchises outside of games and Miyamoto’s own testament to having a good relationship with Illumination.

As with all rumors though, we highly suggest taking this information with a grain of salt. Even if the information is true the movie industry is extremally volatile and it’s possible that plans could change for whatever reason.

Also considering how long it takes for animated films to be created don’t expect to see an official confirmation of this project for a long time.

We’ll link to Giant Freakin Robot’s original report below if you want to read it for yourself.

Thanks to sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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1+ y ago

I think a Donkey Kong movie could be their next endeavour but the success of the Mario Movie will determine the next steps for Nintendo in that space.

If we think people freaked out over Mario’s voice actor, they will lose their minds if/when Link is cast.

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1+ y ago

I'd like to see this, though I'd prefer live action. But being animated would have its benefits too, whereas live action can age badly, plus casting would be an even bigger headache for Link. It will be fascinating if this rumour is true, will they let Link talk? They'll have to, there's no way they could get away with him not talking on the big screen. I wouldn't mind hearing Link talk a bit in video games, starting with TOTK. There's a lot of tropes in the series, that could possibly dissipate, like will Zelda be playable in the upcoming TOTK?


1+ y ago

They cancelled the rumored Netflix series/movie because it leaked so not sure this leak will lead to one.

I agree with the other commenters on the hysteria from a casting list o.O


1+ y ago

I feel like that's a bit too soon for them to push.

But if it's true, Link is 100% going to speak in Tears of the Kingdom. An opinion I've held for a few years now, based on Link's evolution as a character; especially since Link Between Worlds.


1+ y ago

I honesty hope this isn't true. If a Zelda movie has to be animated, Cartoon Saloon would probably be a more appropriate Western animation studio for making a such a movie.


1+ y ago

Link will be voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait.


1+ y ago


That would be hilarious. Or the voice of Mr Bean. It would be funny for a minute or two, but then the novelty would quickly wear off. If they did it initially on first introduction, but then Link clears his throat and it goes to whoever they cast.


1+ y ago

I wonder if they’d adapt a game story to a movie or write something new?

The obvious favourite would be an adaptation of Ocarina of Time but could that be squeezed into a single movie?
I also think it’d be harder to create a Zelda movie that caters to both adults and children, and keep in mind, children will be the main demographic. The Mario movie is a kids movie that will also cater to adult fans but I think it’ll be harder to do that with Zelda.


1+ y ago

No! Just, no and more no. Mario is OK even if being more skeptical after the last trailers it at least fits, but Zelda is a different dimension.
Wish that fan Ghibli Zelda thing could have been real, with Miyazaki at the helm, of course.

Yeah Miyazaki could do it ^-^ That would certainly an interesting creation. But I'm not sure he would take in account all that is already known about Zelda's universe. He'd probably add his own universe to it, that's for sure.

I think though if Illumination really pulls this of like how the trailers are now. They could really do a great Zelda movie as well. I think they might even be able to go for a different visual approach when they feel that it would make a better fit for Zelda. But let's see what happens with Mario first ^-^


1+ y ago


The Miyazaki thing will never happen, but it was a very nice fan dream =)

Illumination did pretty good with the visuals for Mario Movie that's for sure, but there's more to a movie than visuals, even for an animated movie. If Zelda becomes too "Amercianized" then I'm out!

That is an awesome trailer indeed ^-^ Great music as well!

I agree, visuals is one thing, but storytelling is another. I feel all big studios, even Disney are having hard times to get that right. So I agree besides some great looking animation I hope doing a true movie partnering up with Illumination will bring more focus to some great storytelling as well.


1+ y ago


Disney have no idea what they are doing these days. They completely raped, ruined and butchered Star Wars. Hell! They even even fucked up the Pinocchio "live action" movie from what I hear. Disney is dead!

" I hope doing a true movie partnering up with Illumination will bring more focus to some great storytelling as well."

Remember this is pure rumour. They ahve a deal with Illumination for Mario, but could easily find a different studio for a Zelda movie. Which they should! Modern Holywood shouldn't touch anything like Zelda.

"That is an awesome trailer indeed ^-^ Great music as well!!

I KNOOOOOWWWW!!!!! I know it's a fan-dream, but gaaah would this be a perfect partnership.

Oh well. We'll just have to wait and see what they come to =)

..I guess I'd love to see what Laika would do with Zelda.. I mean they already made a very cool movie about Link right? ; )

Yes we'll know soon enough how they will handle Mario.
Again, so far it looks cool I think ^-^

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1+ y ago


"Again, so far it looks cool I think ^-^"

It looks well done. I think this is be the best looking game from Illumination. But Mario is portraited as one Helluvah looser. So overly clumsy in every little thing he does. So I guess we'll see the "from zero to hero" cliché. And then Mario isn't going to save the princess? We yet have to see about that, but it's been the idea behind basically all the games. If it's the modern "strong, independent woman don't need no man" cliché then it's pretty boring since basically al modern Hollywood movies are like that. Not that I have a problem with strong, independent women. Misunderstand me correctly here. I love Ripley =D But I don't like things that forced. In the end there sure is a LOT of Mario in the movie, so I gues us nostalgiacs will have something to enjoy. YAdda yadda. We have to wait and see.

POint is I don't think they can handle a Zelda game that has some more serious themes and should not be Americanized too much.

Now let's not beat this dead horse anymore =)

Have a great weekend, Lionk =)

Yes let's see if the story can take us in and surprise and us a little. And what will happen after that.. : D

"Have a great weekend, Lionk =)"

Thanks! And you as well ^-^