Looking for a Switch controller that looks and feels more like something from the GameCube era? The latest contender is the NYXI Wizard Wirleless Joy-pad for Switch, and it’s priced at $70. Here’s what that premium price will net you:

  • Hall Effect joystick to avoid drift
  • triggers with less resistance
  • GameCube-style ABXY Buttons
  • change joystick rings for different games (round and octagonal options)
  • white light effects
  • ergonomic, non-slip design
  • wireless connection
  • adjustable Turbo & Mapping function
  • One-Key wake-up and screenshot functions
  • rechargeable battery (500 mAh/ 8.5 Hours Playtime)

If you want to take a closer look at the NYXI Wizard Joy-pad, you can find the official site for it here.

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1+ y ago

I saw it over at Nintendo Life. Look like a good build. I’d love if each side could separate and attach to the console like joy-cons.


1+ y ago

I seen this earlier, definitely not at Nintendo Death. I thought it looked nice, but passed on by. Then I seen more sites posting about it, so I watched the video. It's even more impressive now, I didn't realize it slides either side of the Switch screen. Or that you can change the joystick rings. Why did this take so long to release though? We're coming to the end of the Switch.


1+ y ago


Yeah it does split and attaches like joycons. The video shows it at the end but weirdly even the order site doesn’t show images of that use.
Now to preorder or wait for reviews…


1+ y ago

Okay ladies and gentlemen, I officially need this in my life.

Edit: What do you know, it's sold out...

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