Super Mario Odyssey came to the Switch back in 2017, and many have been surprised that Nintendo didn’t follow up that successful launch with a major DLC expansion. While anything is possible with DLC, as we’re seeing with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe now, Nintendo hasn’t made a peep about new content for the game in years. That said, a new email from Nintendo is causing Nintendo fans to speculate.

Nintendo has sent out a Super Mario Odyssey-themed email to some Switch owners, and it’s trumpeting the game’s features, mechanics and locations. Along with that is one blurb that has really caught the attention of those who received the email. The blurb reads as follows:

“But there may be even more out there still to be discovered… Perhaps it’s worth hopping aboard the Odyssey once more and taking the trip all over again.”

[Nintendo email concerning Super Mario Odyssey]

Nintendo continuing advertisements for their games years after they launch is nothing new. Nintendo has been promoting games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a very long time now, and continue to do so with new commercials. The same has happened with Super Mario Odyssey, but to a somewhat lesser extent. The question is why is Nintendo doing this now, and why include the message above?

Again, some fans think Nintendo is hinting at things to come for Super Mario Odyssey, but that’s just speculation at this point. Nintendo could very well be spreading the word on Odyssey right now to reach some of the new Switch owners who’re looking for the next big game to play. Only the Big N knows what’s really going on, and obviously, they’re not telling!

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1+ y ago

Synergy with the movie and Super Nintendo World? Though I would love to get more of it or a sequel or a sequel on a new platform.

Yeah, I was thinking this too. Like they wanted to get a new Mario game out, but realized that wasn’t going to happen so they pivot to SMO DLC


1+ y ago

I don’t buy that this alone points to anything. It’s most likely marketing copy playing into the adventurous spirit and hidden secrets of the game (timed around the movie, of course). will make an article out of anything, which in this case is a single tweet. If there’s big Mario content this year, it will be because it’s been a while since the last main series game and there’s a movie with tie-in potential—the obvious signs we already knew.

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1+ y ago

That quote definitely makes it sound like there's a new Mario Odyssey game on the way. I wouldn't object.


1+ y ago

They might still be very happy with Odyssey and want us to see again how good this game really is? I don't know really, I never played it because I'm still on Wii U. I would buy it though if they decided to port it to 3DS or Wii U. Heck I would pick up a Gamecube again if they'd bring out a version for it.


1+ y ago

It's fun to speculate but please do not get upset if nothing comes of this. I'm hoping for some more Mario video game news soon though.


1+ y ago

I was wondering too.
Then I remembered that, currently, Nintendo has the habit of being completely random with promoting old games. A few days ago, they promoted F Zero X on social media. They clearly have nothing to promote besides Fire Emblem, currently...

Personally I don't see a new new Odyssey for the current Switch.

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