Fans may remember the Nintendo Switch Online Game Voucher release back in 2019, where Switch players could buy 2 game vouchers for around $100 USD and use each one to redeem a full $60 Nintendo game via the eShop. Well, after a few years, it seems to be back. According to a now-delisted ad uploaded on the Nintendo of America YouTube channel, the program’s return is imminent. You can see a reupload below thanks to Twitter user @teebeeYT.

For fans who prefer to buy their games digitally, there’s lots of potential for savings here. Hopefully the program returns soon, and hopefully it’s here to stay.

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1+ y ago

It's not a bad deal by any means, but I'm just going to get physical copies of anything so I would never use them.


1+ y ago

I’m glad these never went away in Europe. I always use them to buy new first party games at a €10 discount.


1+ y ago

I don't get it..why were these gone again? Seems like a lot of sales that Nintendo missed out on..