Now that the dust has settled around Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, their reception amongst fans seems to be pretty positive overall. That said, the games definitely had a rocky launch, as many players complained about the game’s numerous bugs and glitches.

Speaking with Financial Post, Nintendo of Canada’s Susan Pennefather directly addressed these complaints, apologizing for the issues, and offering some reassurance that Nintendo will try to avoid similar mishaps in the future. You can read her full statement below:

Financial Post: The latest Pokemon games proved wildly successful, but they also suffered plenty of performance problems and glitches — a problem not common in Nintendo exclusives. What did you learn from that software launch?

Susan Pennefather: You know, we absolutely apologize. Because it is so important to give players a positive experience with our games, and when this doesn’t happen we do take it very much to heart. What I can say is the feedback from players has absolutely been taken very seriously. And we are working on improvements to these games.

It’s always refreshing to see company executives acknowledging and apologizing for shortcomings. Hopefully Nintendo really has taken to heart the negative feedback. We’ll see how things shake out when the next Pokémon installment gets released.

In addition to her thoughts on Pokémon, Pennefather also spoke on the current success of Nintendo and what some of their vague plans for the future might be. Click here to read the article in full.

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1+ y ago

Good on her for the dignified response. The sales are nice, but it can’t be fun for the local Nintendo subsidiaries taking heat for The Pokémon Company’s messes.


1+ y ago

It's great to hear such responses, but I really hope that these patches make the game into solid playable experience when all is said and done. Texture oddities I can live with, but performance problems make the game a bit miserable to play for extended periods.

I've been wanting to get back and do more in the game, because from a gameplay perspective it's one of my favorite entries. But the issues have been really putting me off from booting the game up for any other time than to participate in limited time raid events.


1+ y ago

I’m surprised they haven’t done a better job patching it seeing it came out in november. I waited till a couple weeks ago to try it figuring it would be better by now and sadly its still a mess.


1+ y ago

No amount of patching can safe this mess. It's still fun but a frustrating kind of fun.


1+ y ago

Here’s hoping the upcoming patches fix things up nicely