As we reported yesterday, Nintendo revised their fiscal year projections for total Switch sales downward to 18 million units total. That is a revision of 1 million units, and it appears the culprit is a weaker holiday season than Nintendo anticipated.

According to Nintendo’s fiscal year report, sell-in of hardware units during the third quarter was generally in line with expectations. However, hardware sell-through during the holiday season did not perform as expected, and therefore the unit sales forecast for the fourth quarter has been modified.

Along with that, the software unit sales forecast has been modified as well, largely due to taking into consideration the modification of the hardware unit sales forecast.

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1+ y ago

It's called a recession


1+ y ago


For investors and share holders that word might as well not exist.


1+ y ago


People are tapped out. Now starts a credit crunch. Away from 0% interest rates, the paradigm shifts from growth to profitability. But since the markets were at 0% for so long they got addicted to it, and will fight hard to return to their normal. When they realize the fight is lost, the new reality will set in.