Firaxis Games, developers of the upcoming Marvel’s Midnight Suns port for Switch, have announced the departure of their studio head Steve Martin via Twitter. You can read Martin’s statement on the Tweet above.

This isn’t the only departure from Firaxis today as Jake Solomon, former Creative Director of Firaxis Games, announced his departure on Twitter as well, you can read his words on the Tweet below.

Both individuals have had a long history with the company and one can’t help but wonder what a shake-up this big could mean for the future of the studio. For now though, we wish both Martin and Solomon the best in their future endeavors and promise to keep you updated on any news as it happens.

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1+ y ago

They've also formally announced the next Civilization (specifically 7, per IGN), so not all sad news. Given the expansion to consoles and tablets 6 enjoyed, there's hope for a version on some future Nintendo platform.