Shigeru Miyamoto may very well be the most famous name in video games, and with good cause. The man is the creator behind some of the most recognizable and legendary franchises out there, and the impact of his works is still being felt by the industry to this day. Critical acclaim and recognition from peers has also come with an insane amount of success with the public as well, forever cementing Miyamoto as an industry icon.

Take out video games and replace it with movies, and the same can be said for Steven Spielberg. There really isn’t anyone closer to Miyamoto than Spielberg when it comes to the prolific nature of their works, but in an interview with GamesRadar, we’ve learned that Miyamoto isn’t too fond of the comparison. What he does like is the fact that Nintendo and Disney are often looked at comparatively.

As you said, I’ve also been called the Spielberg of the game world, but I actually don’t like that. I’m Miyamoto. Miyamoto is Miyamoto and Nintendo is Nintendo. However, I do feel very honored to be compared with Disney. But with that said, rather than comparing Nintendo to Disney, I feel that Disney to some extent, especially for families, [represents] a sense of reassurance for families.

I feel like Nintendo is well known for video games and usually video games don’t equate to reassurance very much. But Nintendo is associated with video games and the fact that Nintendo is then being compared to Disney really gives me the [confidence] that we’ve gotten to a point where we can bring Nintendo to the concept of reassurance and perhaps [give that] reassurance. So that’s something that I really feel like we were able to achieve and I’m happy about.”

[Shigeru Miyamoto]

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1+ y ago

Miyamoto was later quoted as saying "I am not Spielberg, but I do know him."

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1+ y ago

More like Spielberg is the Miyamoto of the film industry.


1+ y ago

Miyamoto is the Dark Souls of comparisons.


1+ y ago

Too bad for him, 'cuz he kinda is.


1+ y ago

Hmm..I wonder what he means by video games don't equate to reassurance..


1+ y ago

Well, Spielberg DID direct The B.F.G. and Legend of the Crystal Skull, so I can understand some hesitation to be compared.

However, last I heard, Miyamoto wasn't a big fan of Disney. So I find the second comparison amusing.


1+ y ago

"Miyamoto is Miyamoto"

No truer words have been said.