Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that they’ve signed a 10-year deal with Nintendo to bring all Call of Duty titles going forward to Switch and whatever Nintendo hardware follows. Those games will have release date, feature and content parity with other versions, which is a wonderful thing to hear.

Following that announcement, people have been wondering just how Call of Duty would run on Switch. This question was fielded by Microsoft president Brad Smith, who first admitted that he’s, “not the right person to dive into the architecture of each platform.” After that, Smith shared this his team, “will ensure our games work exactly the way people would expect.”

Obviously, the snarky people out there use that comment as a way of saying Call of Duty won’t run well on Switch, as some ports for other titles have been a bit lackluster. That’s obviously not Smith means with his response, and hopefully his comments won’t come back to bite him if/when Call of Duty comes to Switch.

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1+ y ago

I know you already pointed it out in the article...but he set it up so easily...

"As you'd expect."

So, like garbage, with fewer features, more glitches, and generally less care shown to the product over other platforms resulting in poor sales which will be used as (poor) justification that the audience for the game doesn't exist on the platform.

Got it. Thanks for letting us know...

(For the record, I don't really have any interest in CoD games, so don't take my opinion seriously...)


1+ y ago

Great news! I don’t know what I would do if there weren’t 13 year olds saying how they’ve slept with my mother!

/s of course


1+ y ago

I had my fun with Call of Duty but it's good that Switch owners have something to look forward to. Hopefully they assign the correct team for the job of porting future titles.


1+ y ago

The entire "10 year deal for CoD on Nintendo" is an obvious desperate attempt from MS to get the ActBlizz deal through, so of course the CoD on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Flex* are going to be afterthoughts until they go GP/Xbox exclusive in 10 years. "LIKE DUH!!!!" Moment!

On the other hand though, Nintendo still wins here. They had little to lose in this entire circus to begin with, but now they get CoD games (cloud versions perhaps) which is one of the, if not the, biggest gaming IP today. If MS and Nintendo are smart they can actually work out a deal for good ports or perhaps even Switch/Flex exclusive CoD games that could get a lot of new gamers into the Nintendo ecosystem.

I have doubts about my second paragraph, but speculation is always fun.

*I cal the next Nintendo system for "Flex" because the Switch could Switch (no, not you Switch Lite) and the next system can do more and thus is flexible =) Silly me, I know!

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I’m just really glad you’re not in charge of naming Nintendo consoles.


1+ y ago

As you'd expect...for a cloud game.


1+ y ago


HAha, likewise! In my deffence though, the Nintendo Flex sounds better than WiiU =D

Nah, but jokes aside. This entire move from MS is only to suck ass their deal through.

But I really wonder what Nintendo's next console will be named...


1+ y ago

"as you'd expect" is a super loaded statement.