RUMOR: Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom website points to DLC

Not confirmed yet, but quite likely

27 February 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 5

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild saw expansion through some downloadable content, which probably means Tears of the Kingdom will as well. Nintendo hasn’t confirmed that just yet, but the official website for the game may have let loose with a confirmation already.

The official website for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom includes a bit of text towards the bottom that certainly seems like it’s confirming DLC for the game. In particular, the fine print has a section marked by two asterisks that states “full version of game required to use DLC.” The asterisks denote a section in the site above where DLC is discussed…or at least it should. This is where the problem comes up.

While other portions of the site are indeed marked with asterisks that are explained in the fine print, you can’t find any blurb that includes two asterisks. That means either the fine print is a flat-out mistake, or Nintendo accidentally shared this fine print before they meant to. It honestly could be either situation, and the correct one is left up to speculation for now.

Again, it’s incredibly likely Tears of the Kingdom will get DLC and this blurb is the closest confirmation we have of that yet, but nothing is official at this time.

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1+ y ago

I saw this elsewhere earlier. The page is missing the * to denote the info about gold points too so looks like a simple oversight.
That’s said, I think most people would expect DLC for TOTK regardless.


1+ y ago

Yea, what kuribo said. I think it’s just a legal thing they might add across the board, or it might sloppily refer to the Breath of the Wild DLC as I think the previous game and it’s being on sale is mentioned at a few points on the official sequel site. The double asterisks is intriguing and I think it’s almost a given that the game will have DLC announced before or soon after it launches


1+ y ago

DLC before the $70 game is even out? Might spend well over $100 on TOTK. 😬


1+ y ago

I hope they won't lock things that other games release for free as patches to the paid DLC like Hard Mode and a basic UI element on the map that follows your progress. And that the DLC takes us someplace different and doesn't reuse the same map again...again.


1+ y ago


The page has been updated to include the info with accompanying asterisks for gold points and DLC. It also includes a notable edit, adding "that", to the DLC text.

"Buy the digital version and download it directly to your Nintendo Switch system—no code required! Plus, earn My Nintendo Gold Points* you can use toward more games and DLC**."

"**Full version of game required to use DLC for that game. Sold separately."

It looks like this clears up the confusion, not to say there won't be DLC announced in the future, but they're clearly not referring to the TotK DLC here.