A new game called “Give me toilet paper!” is now available on the Nintendo Switch, and it has a rather… unique control method. In order to play, the game asks you to insert one of your Switch Joy-Cons into an actual toilet paper roll. You’ll then roll the toilet paper back and forth on a board or platform of some kind, in order to successfully deliver it to “a man in need of toilet paper” in-game. Of course, there will be traps along the way, so you’ll need to use proper balance and timing to deliver it safely.

We’ve seen some pretty unique accessories for Nintendo consoles in the past, from the Ring Fit ring to the Wii Zapper, but a roll of toilet paper is probably the frontrunner for the weirdest one. If nothing else, this should put the Joy-Con’s motion sensing capabilities to good use!

This game is available right now on the Switch eShop for just $5.00! See below for more screenshots and details.

This is an action game in which you prepare toilet paper with a Joy-Con™ in it and roll it around on a board. There is a toilet paper in the game that is linked to your toilet paper. If you roll your toilet paper left and right, the toilet paper in the game will also roll left and right.

“Oh my God! There’s no toilet paper!” Let’s help a man in big trouble!

You are the ordinary toilet paper in every house, but you can roll at will. And now there is a man in need of toilet paper!

You start from the ceiling of the toilet and go your way to the man. But all sorts of traps await you along the way!

Help the man by avoiding or taking advantage of them.

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1+ y ago

If I had a nickel for all the times I saw a toilet based switch game today I'd have two nickels, which isn't a lot, but is weird that it happened twice