Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, together with talented developer Rasul Mono, is delighted to announce The Guise, a stylish and dark Metroidvania fairytale about a boy trapped in the body of a monster! Coming on Switch,it is due to hit digital stores with a release date of 17th March.

The Guise is a distinguished looking game in which ‘evil’ has apparently already won the day. In the world, where the player is taken, there is almost no light and no hope for anything good. Dying settlements, dark forests, winding dungeons, and deadly valleys full of demons are abundant.

The action begins in a children’s home, perhaps the only bright and warm place in the game. It is there in the room of the owner of the orphanage that a boy named Ogden finds a strange mask that turns him into a monster. The game is based on Ogden’s new appearance, his new abilities, and his relationships with the unfriendly world that surrounds him. The goal of the frightened and bewildered Ogden, who has become a monster, is to regain his human form. The player’s goal is to get the most out of the monster’s appearance.

An ancient conspiracy of local gods prevents Ogden from turning back into a human, and almost everything alive and inanimate is against him staying in the monster’s skin. The player must get used to his new body, master new abilities, and try not to lose the remnants of his humanity.

You, the player, assume the role of Ogden, our hero, who has animal agility, monstrous strength, and abilities that are not available to ordinary people. You will have to learn various skills, such as running on the ceiling, finishing moves, acid spitting, bomb belching and a lot more As in any ‘metroidvania’, to obtain a new ability, the player will have to defeat a certain boss. For example, after Priscilla, the rat queen, dies, we will be able to climb walls and run on the ceiling, which will open up access to new locations.

There are a number of exciting and challenging side quests, some of which are related to the life of the orphanage (although Ogden has become a monster, the children in the orphanage still see him as a friend). For example, one quest is to help a mad cultist who wants to destroy the remaining angels in the world.

The world of The Guise consists of seven large regions, each with 10-20 interconnected locations. Some locations have multiple paths thanks to forks, multiple entrances, and exits. All closed exits can be unlocked by obtaining a certain ability (for example, after getting the “Spider Legs” ability, the player can overcome a water-filled gap by simply running along the ceiling above the gap). Secrets, hidden passages, and secret rooms containing various treasures are scattered throughout the world.

Exploring the game world, the player will gain access to resources that strengthen the protagonist. Thus, in hidden chests or as a reward for side quests, the player will find amulets that complement his combat abilities (for example, he can stink up the area, causing damage to those around him). And the reward for defeating enemies will be their eyeballs - the local currency - which can be spent on improving the abilities obtained from the Eye Collector.

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Yet another Hollow Knight clone.