Chris Pratt has been catching major heat from Nintendo fans since the very first day he was revealed as the voice of Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie. That heat is definitely still there today, albeit a bit less intense. Some fans are a bit more at ease having heard Pratt in various trailers and commercials, but others still aren’t convinced he’s the man for the job.

In an interview with Extra, Pratt talks a bit more about being picked for the role of Mario, and he understand why there was such a backlash to it. You can see Pratt’s comments on the matter in the clip below, courtesy of Videogames Chronicles.

“In all honesty the answer, though, is that this is a passionate fanbase and it makes sense. I understand, I’m part of it. This is the soundtrack to your youth. You don’t want someone to come along and cynically destroy it as a cash grab with a movie. I fully understand that, you do not want that to happen, and there are so many hearts and souls and minds dedicated to making sure that didn’t happen.”

[Chris Pratt]

That talking point leads Pratt to mention a bit about a potential future for Mario in films, as well as an expansion of the whole Nintendo universe onto the silver screen.

It’s very promising as to what we can expect over the next 10 years…like an entire universe of these types of movies. They’re super nostalgic, they’re really fun, it’s Illumination so they know what they’re doing. …hopefully they’ll be more.

[Chris Pratt]

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At least he’s aware. He doesn’t deserve the hate. He was cast and directed. If people have a problem, have a problem with the casting director, director, producer(s) and Miyamoto.

It’s better than Seth Rogan saying “I don’t do voices”.

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Thank you, I think this is a good point. He was chosen and signed off on by Nintendo people, themselves. Miyamoto, the creator of the character, no less! So, if they think he's appropriate, then it's on them if fans disagree.
Also, I think that was a thoughtful, candid, and respectful insight from Chris Pratt on the matter.