There are plenty of corners of the internet where the console wars rage on. Sadly, it’s a part of life for a not-insignificant portion of game fans out there. Surprisingly, it seems some within the walls of Sony are fighting on the front lines as well.

It’s been discovered that for over a decade now, Sony has been throwing shade at both Nintendo and Microsoft in their various patents. For whatever reason, Sony has been talking down about both gaming companies nearly every time they file a PlayStation-related patent. You can see just one such example below, with the inflammatory language in bold.

“For example, an end user device may be a personal computer, a home entertainment system (e.g., Sony PlayStation2(R) or Sony PlayStation3(R) or Sony PlayStation4(R)), a portable gaming device (e.g., Soy PSP(R) or Sony Vita (R)), or a home entertainment system of a different albeit inferior manufacturer.

[Sony patent]

Sony doesn’t outright name Nintendo or Microsoft in the above blurb, but it’s painfully obvious who they’re talking about. Again, Sony has done this time and time again over the years, and it’s pretty shocking to see.

Furthermore, these patents often include a line that reads, “Please use the PDF version for legal matters.” If you check out the PDF version as directed, it doesn’t include the above bolded line. In other words, Sony very much knows that the inclusion of the line belittling the competition is nothing but petty, yet they still can’t resist from publishing it.

Sony is yet to comment on this discovery, but it’s a pretty embarrassing one to see dug up. It’ll be very interesting to see if they make a statement, and more importantly, remove this kind of inane wording from further patents.

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1+ y ago

Ah, taking jabs at the competition. How very 1993.


1+ y ago

If it weren't for Nintendo, PlayStation wouldn't even exist today. Respect your elders Sony.


1+ y ago

Wow, you can almost touch RMC pure sheer indignation at this text, he sure got mad. Not something you see every day.


1+ y ago

You're telling me the manufacturer whose slogan for the past decade has been "GREATNESS AWAITS" has an attitude problem? Say it ain't so.

Nintendo wasn't this arrogant when the Wii was curbstomping the competition. And that's part of why Gen7 had the healthiest console race the industry had seen since Gen4. Gen8 on the other hand was a lopsided farce nearly as bad as Gen6.

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1+ y ago

This is so fucking funny. I can't be mad about this, even if I wanted to.


1+ y ago

Arrogant Sony is essentially just all of Sony, unless you’re talking specifically about Sony Pictures Entertainment (big blue screen white text logo). They’ve produce some great flicks


1+ y ago

Hahahaha. This is actually funny =D I wonder if Nintendo and Sony will ever work together (be friends) again. But not from the looks of things though xD
I have on many occasions wondered what the gaming world would look like if they worked together, but we'll never know.


1+ y ago

Do you guys even know the PlayStations origins. Nintendo was supposed to use Sony's disk drive for their next console which would be dubbed the Nintendo PlayStation. Nintendo backed out and partnered with Panasonic instead, screwing Sony over, leading them to release it themselves. Sony will always hold a grudge


1+ y ago


It's a tad bit more complicated than that. Sony was really pushing for it to be "their console" and have most royalties in the end (some even think they were trying on a hostile take over, but that's perhaps a bit far fetched). Nintendo should never have done what they did either, of course, but Yamauchi was one strict guy.

Seems like a battle of two stubborn titans trying to win over and using each other rather than finding an agreement.

I guess if it would have happened SEGA's console market would have died earlier and perhaps MS would never even have entered the market. But, these are "what ifs".

I think Lady Decade has this real good and detailed video about this on youtube. It really was some "Times of our lives" kind of drama =D


1+ y ago

That was SO NYdless…


1y ago

And you know what the saddest thing is? They're not wrong. Looking at the build qualities of both Nintendo and Microsoft consoles, you can't honestly tell me with a straight face they have superior or on par hardware quality to Sony's.


1y ago

No. Sony was trying to do a hostile takeover. It wasn’t far fetched. Nintendo should have done what they did and I’m glad that the deal wasn’t through.

Also academicmaniac…dude are you high? Sony IS wrong. Nintendo and Microsoft’s consoles and hardware are VASTLY superior to Sony’s consoles. And that isn’t even an opinion, it’s an undeniable fact. Sony is a drama Queen that wants the gaming industry to fall under its boot. Nintendo and Microsoft are the saviors trying to save the industry from Sony’s evil BS. This is fact.