Welcome to GoNintendo Rewind! This will be a weekly feature that takes a look back at the video content we shared over the last 7 days. You can look forward to podcast episodes, clips pulled from each show, gameplay videos, what we’re up to on Patreon, and more!

This is the fourth installment of GoNintendo Rewind, as this week also marked the return of more original video content on GoNintendo. While our return to video will focus mostly on podcast content and a weekly gameplay video at first, we’ll slowly branch out into more features. If you’re curious what we’ve been up to video-wise each week, this is the perfect place to pop in!

First up, we have a very lengthy discussion of the Super Mario Bros. movie. The podcast crew all went to see the movie together, and we came away with a lot to say. Some positives, some negatives, but plenty of great topics discovered. The one thing we all agree on is our excitement for Nintendo’s cinematic future!

Pokémon GO Trainers were just hit with some major changes recently, and there’s been a considerable amount of pushback. Changes put into place during the pandemic are being tweaked, rolled back or removed altogether, fundamentally altering how some people have been playing for the last couple of years. Opinions of all Trainers are valid, but how those feelings are expressed should certainly be handled in a non-toxic way. Sadly, some people aren’t doing that.

You love the GameCube and so do we! In response to a listener question, we get onto the topic of the GameCube’s lackluster sales and what led to them. We obviously don’t have the definitive answer, but we do think we’ve got a couple of elements where the GameCube missed the mark for a lot of consumers.

Finally, we’ve got the latest Gameplay Friday video. Are you a fan of games like Faxanadu on the NES? If so, you might want to check out The Adventures of Poppe! It’s not the most polished game in any respect, but there’s something to it that’s scratching a very nostalgic itch for me…for better or worse!


Last, but not least, we have the GoNintendo Patreon. Did you know that you can join the GoNintendo Patreon for just $1? That’s literally the only tier there is, and it gives you access to every single post/feature/video we share on Patreon!

For those who don’t know, GoNintendo’s Patreon offers all kinds of discussion and features. I certainly talk about Nintendo in multiple posts, but I also write about videogames in general, anime, pro wrestling, TV shows, movies, and so much more. You can expect reviews, stream of consciousness features, questions posed to you guys, and plenty of other approaches.

Here’s what you can find on the GoNintendo Patreon in just the last week alone.

  • the struggles of being a passionate fan
  • Nintendo’s future outside of games
  • the power of the Mario brand
  • the TV show Jury Duty is my latest obsession
  • Is Tears of the Kingdom’s final trailer Nintendo’s best trailer ever?

No matter what’s going on, there’s a new post on the GoNintendo Patreon every single day. If what you’ve seen/heard sounds good, we’d love to see you over there!


That’s it for this week’s GoNintendo Rewind. Again, this recap is meant to focus on our video features and Patreon posts for the week. We still have plenty of other original content on GoNintendo each week in the way of reviews, previews, interviews and more. All you have to do to see that content is check out our front page!

Thanks so much for your continued support of GoNintendo. We’ll see you in the next GoNintendo Rewind!

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1+ y ago

I was really excited to hear what you guys thought about the Mario movie. It was a very nuanced discussion that weighed its merits and its faults. I'm glad it wasn't just gushing praise, because I also felt like the movie had some problems. But I did enjoy the movie as a whole.

One noteworthy thing about the Gamecube's limited success was that it released at a time when people were adopting the DVD format for their movies. I don't know how big an effect it had, but I have to imagine some people bought a PS2 because it also played movies, while the standard-issue Gamecube did not. I'm sure it's only one of several factors in the Gamecube's lack of success, though.


1+ y ago


Thanks for the kind words on our Mario discussion! We really wanted to share our honest takes in a respectful way with the audience, along with the rest of the crew. I think it ended up being one of our best discussions, as there was thoughtful analysis and point/counterpoint, rather than just gushing/bashing.

Your point about the GameCube's lack of DVD playback is such an excellent point. You are 100000000000000000% right on that and I'm embarrassed I never thought of it. I never used the PS2 to play DVDs myself, so I always forget that point. I might have to bring that up on the next episode!