According to box office tracking, The Super Mario Bros. Movie has crossed the $1 billion threshold globally, just twenty-six days after its initial release. This makes it Illumination’s third biggest animated movie behind Despicable Me 3 and Minions: The Rise of Gru (though it seems safe to assume it could overtake them at some point).

As of Friday, the movie sat at $970 million worldwide, making the $1 billion mark a foregone conclusion. Now we’ll have to watch just how high the movie climbs, as there’s some considerable Summer movie competition coming up.

No matter where it ends, it’s clear that The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been a massive financial success, and we’ll likely be seeing lots of sequels popping up in the future!

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1y ago

Today, I finally contributed to that number and I wasn't disappointed. Sure it has some flaws but it was a great ride overall.


1y ago

Never thought this movie could do these kind of numbers, honestly. It's pretty crazy.


1y ago

He did it! The son of a bitch did it!