Neill Blomkamp is a South African-Canadian film director and screenwriter who is known for the science fiction films District 9, Elysium and Chappie. If he has it his way, he’ll be working on a Metroid movie in the future.

While nothing official has come out about a Metroid movie, fans are no doubt wondering if one could come about following the success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie. If one were to come about, Blomkamp has staked his claim in the idea.

A fan asked Blomkamp on Twitter if he’d be interested in tackling a Metroid movie, to which Blomkamp shared the question on his own Twitter timeline and responded with a very straightforward, “Yes.” You can’t get anymore cut-and-dry than that!

Blomkamp certainly seems like someone who could very much tackle the look and feel of a Metroid movie, and by his reaction on Twitter, it seems like he’s familiar with the source material. If/when a Metroid movie does come around, let’s hope Blomkamp’s name is in the running!

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1y ago

He also wanted to do something in the Alien universe, but I guess it did not pan out?


1y ago

Guess we’d have Sharlto Copley as Samus then.


1y ago

Not too many speaking characters, please. Make it an action-based Castaway. Or I guess Castaway meets Alien, since Metroid was always inspired by the latter.


1y ago

A Metroid movie at this point would animated. People need to realize that.


1y ago

Just don't cast Brie Larson as Samus Aran please.


1y ago

Damn I want this. Love District 9 and Metroid. If Nintendo makes a Metroid movie I'm worried it's gonna be like the Mario movie.


1y ago

If Sharlto Copley voices at least Adam, then were good.