Everyone had a feeling this day would come, but now it’s officially here. Unfortunately, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has leaked online.

We’re not sure how the game managed to make its way onto the internet, but some bad actors out there have taken the game in its entirety and leaked it online. This now means your social media timelines could be filled to the brim with spoilers from all throughout the game, so please be extra careful when hopping online.

For now, make sure to mute specific keywords and phrases on your social media accounts to steer clear of spoilers. Also, don’t worry about seeing any spoilers here, as we won’t be sharing any tidbits at all from the leak.

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1y ago

Times like this I’m extra happy I don’t use social media.


1y ago

So frustrating. Some people just have to ruin things for everyone. Thanks for keeping silent on the spoilers you see, RMC, hope it doesn't spoil the game for you.

cheesus 2

1y ago

I don't mind when a game gets leaked, I'll check out as much spoilers as I need to know if my 70 bucks will be well spent or not. So far from what I've heard it's sounding good.


1y ago

Don't the people who do this know it's a huge risk? We all know Nintendo can hit hard down on stuff like this.