In a new post on the official Pokémon GO blog, Niantic has announced that some changes are in store for the Pokémon GO Community Ambassador Program.

Niantic has been working with the grassroots Pokemon GO community Silph Road for collaborative events and more, but Silph Road is closing its doors. You can read a message from the Silph Road team on their closure here. That means adjustments will have to be made, and Niantic is working on them right now.

While Community Ambassador Program applications are closing for the month of May during the transition, community leaders will have expanded opportunities to apply to be a Community Ambassador outside of the Silph Road. Soon, Trainers from across the globe will be able to apply to this revamped program via Campfire, providing opportunities to share and grow their community and receive rewards for gathering in-person to play.

Niantic says they’ll continue to add more opportunities into the program, such as providing unique access and rewards for Community Ambassadors and their fellow Trainers. You’ll still be able to use the Pokémon GO map to share where you can find your local community and play together during special events.

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1y ago

Shame. I was on that site just yesterday checking out egg hatch rates.