The Switch has been out for over 5 years now, and there’s an insane amount of content available for the system. From retail releases to eShop exclusives, there’s way too much to pick through, and plenty to keep you busy for a very long time.

Ever wonder what Switch owners are playing, and how they spend their time online? SwitchWeekly’s Chris Brandrick surveyed nearly 5,000 Switch owners to see how Switch owners feel about the platform, and learn more about what they’re spending time with. You can find the results of that survey below.

  • the median response in terms of total Switch games owned comes out to 35
  • in 2021, the median response was 20 games owned
  • Switch owners, on average, have a game library that’s 53% digital purchases
  • for respondents, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is already at 39% ownership
  • for respondents, Metroid Dread is at 50% ownership
  • less than 5% of respondents had bought a cloud version of a Switch game
  • of that less than 5%, 67% would buy a cloud game again, whereas 33% would not
  • 42.3% of Switch players had played games from a region other than their own
  • 58.2% of those folks said it was to try a game not available in their own country
  • 26.5% of those folks said it was because a game was cheaper in another country
  • over 87% of respondents said discounted games being featured heavily on the eShop was a good thing
  • for those with Switch Online, online play (>80%) and legacy titles (69.2%) were the biggest draws
  • 32.1% of Switch Online members surveyed signed up for the Expansion Pack
  • those who haven’t picked up the Expansion Pack cited expense, not enough extra games, and lack of interest in the N64 library as their reasons

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2+ y ago

It’s crazy how strong the Switch is into it’s fifth year. Normally we’d know about the next system by now and the current one would be on life support.

> Metroid Dread is at 50% ownership
50% of survey respondents. It doesn’t unfortunately extrapolate to 50% of Switch owners.


2+ y ago

The answer is too many


2+ y ago

I have a problem. Just counted I have 221 switch games. And that's just physical. Clearly the most games I've owned for any platform.


2+ y ago

The nerve of folks ignoring Super Mario Odyssey

What's the matter with you all?!?


2+ y ago


Same. If I count collections as multiple games (i.e. 51 games in Sega Genesis Classics) I end up with over 450 physical and over 700 digital games. BY FAR more games than for any other console/handheld.

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2+ y ago

The games I've played the most in 2021 were Dragon Quest XI (190 hours, main and post game), Fire Emblem: Three Houses (140 hours, 2 routes and DLC) and The World Ends with You -Final Remix- (95 hours).

A collection to be proud of!