A 5-Star Great Tusk/Iron Treads Tera Raid Battle Event kicked off today in Pokémon Scarlet/Violet and was scheduled to run until May 21st, 2023. Unfortunately, the event has already been called off due to a game-breaking bug.

Soon after the event started, players were receiving rewards with a broken “none” item, which would then cause the game to crash. Pokémon Co. was quick to note this issue, which is why they’ve called the entire event off.

Along with the event being cancelled, Pokemon Co. recommends that players connect to the internet to update their raid dens. Finally, players should also avoid trying to battle the event raids if they still have access to them.

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1y ago

This is the second botched event and is proof The Pokemon Company need to slow down the Pokemon franchise. GameFREAK doesn't get the time to optimize games and they now really want to do something other than Pokemon (which would reduce time optimizing Pokemon games).

The Pokemon Company should slow mainline game releases to one generation per console generation. Let other parties make different Pokemon games to fulfill a lull instead forcing GameFREAK to make multiple iterations or generations per console.

Bring back Pokemon Ranger. Bring back Pokmon Mystery Dungeon with a PMD 5. Make a Pokemon Conquest 2. Make a PokePark 3. Make a 3rd Pokemon Colosseum game where Cypher's evil is picked up by a mainline series villain and Shadow Pokemon have to be saved in that region. There are several third party devs that can be contracted to make Pokemon games to take pressure off GameFREAK and give them the time to make mainline games properly.