Pokémon Go dev experiences online harassment over recent changes to the game

"I hope we can all agree that this is not okay"

23 May 2023
by quence 1

We recently reported on some controversy in the world of Pokémon Go involving changes being made to the game. These changes would result in limiting the system of remote raid passes, requiring players to attend raids in person. In response, a movement began among fans to try to convince Niantic to revert those changes, and unfortunately, at least one person has taken things too far.

In a recent tweet, Pokémon Go director Michael Steranka came forward to address a recently made account. The sole purpose of this account seemed to be to harass him. Steranka blocked the account which had directed various insults and abuse toward him and his family, including specific attacks directed at his wife and newborn child.

It should go without saying that this type of harassment is absolutely not the right way to voice concerns over a video game. It’s always dismaying to see a story like this pop up, but we can only hope it continues to happen less and less often as we try to call out bad actors in the video game hobby.

In any case, Steranka seems committed to reading negative feedback from fans as long as it’s made in good faith. He reiterated that Niantic is continuing to read player feedback and “thinking of ways to address many of the valid concerns without sacrificing on our mission and vision for Pokémon Go.”

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1y ago

Harassment? On Twitter? How shocking! Surely it's a product of this specific fanbase and not a deep systemic fault of the platform's design.