Tiktok users can interact with a number of different filters to create unique videos for the platform. Just recently, a feature opened up that let users create their own filters, which has not surprisingly led to a rash of inappropriate content. Unfortunately for Nintendo, one such filter showcases Princess Peach.

Capitalizing on the popularity of The Super Mario Bros. Movie, a user-made feature asks Tiktok fans which version of Princess Peach they like better. The filter shows two different pictures; one of Peach from the movie and another of Peach’s game design. Users then pick which version of Peach they like better by tilting their head towards the preferred option.

After a few normal rounds of picking, users are hit with wholly inappropriate pictures of a nude Princess Peach in very compromising positions. This is obviously shocking users, as many believed the filter to be an official release. Unfortunately, there’s little doubt some children have been exposed to this filter as well.

It seems Tiktok has swooped in to remove the filter as quickly as possible, but a lot of damage has already been done. Videos about the filter have spread all throughout Tiktok and the internet in general, and it seems awareness is only growing. There’s no doubt this is one trend Nintendo isn’t happy to be a part of, and it’s quite likely they’ve reached out to Tiktok to scrub all evidence of this filter.

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1y ago

There it is. Everything wrong with the modern internet and Nintendo fandom in particular wrapped up in one convenient package.

I’m not sure how much longer I can follow this corporate Nintendo vs. head-empty, vibes-only gamer culture attention economy BS. It’s all just so…dumb. Let it all collapse, all of it. Preserve nothing and rebuild from the ashes.