You might remember that some time ago, rumors of a successor to 1-2 Switch started to swirl. The game apparently had quite the troubled development and tested rather poorly, which had Nintendo considering whether to pull the plug or not. You can read our original report on that here.

Well, today we’ve learned Nintendo is going ahead with a launch, as Everybody 1-2 Switch has been announced for June 30th, 2023. The title will be available both digitally and physically for $30, but it appears physical purchases through the My Nintendo Store have already been gobbled up!

Wanna party? Break out the Switch and laugh it up at your next game night!

Mix up your next get-together with Everybody 1-2-Switch!. Grab some Joy-Con or smart devices for team-based games that are easy to set up and feature everything from balloons to aliens, and more! People at your next party can get moving and show off their teamwork in this multiplayer mashup.

Use Joy-Con or smart devices, team up, and let the games begin. Split into teams and see which group can win a certain number of games first. Many games have several variations that change up the rules or add extra challenge!

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1y ago

uh...okay......? That's pretty random


1y ago

All the rumors were true! They're trying to slide this one in under Zelda's coattails... kind of a smart move, honestly!


1y ago

it showing as only 30 bucks, not 40 on the eshop.. and meanwhile, they dont show off the game at all, like what is even in the game? way to be super vague...
**Nintendo Account, compatible smart device and internet access required. Certain games only available in smart device mode. Players must be in the same room to play

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1y ago


Fixed that pricing issue. So sorry about that!


1y ago

The price is right. The game will likely be in short supply (physical copies I mean). Can I only buy the physical version through Nintendo’s website?


1y ago


considering this game just shadow dropped the announcement, i dont think any site even had placeholders for it to even be on any site yet like gamestop or best buy.. maybe tomorrow it will show up there..

cheesus 2

1y ago

Last thing I heard was the testing for the game went terrible, people playing the game was bored and uninterested. I hope this doesn't count for the E3 direct