The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now available physically, and plenty of people have scooped up their DVD/Blu-ray release. Included in that physical release are some extra features, including a 30-minute behind-the-scenes featurette.

Not surprisingly, that featurette includes some previously-unknown details on how the movie came together, input from Shigeru Miyamoto and Koji Kondo, some surprising facts and lore, and more. You can see a quick roundup of some of those details below.

  • Miyamoto showed the team how to draw Bowser’s nose, with Miyamoto saying he has the nose of a tiger
  • composer Koji Kondo watched a pre-production version of the film and made notes on classic Mario tracks that would fit the scenes well
  • the film team knew early on that they wanted a Mario Kart segment with Rainbow Road
  • the Kong karts are apparently powered by banana juice, and the Koopa karts use lava
  • Miyamoto suggested that Mario shouldn’t like mushrooms as he thought it would be funny

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1y ago

Koji Kondo watching the early cuts: "You know what this part needs? A highly overplayed pop song. I know just the one."

It surprises me that Mario not liking mushrooms was Miyamoto's idea. It just struck me as something Illumination would have cooked up.


1y ago

The 2nd Super Mario Bros. Movie needs a Mario Party segment, if they can swing it.