Nintendo has released a new trailer for Pikmin 4 ahead of the upcoming launch for Switch on July 21st, 2023, revealing a series-first character customization feature. Pre-orders for the highly anticipated adventure game are available now via the Nintendo eShop. Check out the new “Rise to the Occasion” trailer above.

Captain Olimar and the Rescue Corps have crash-landed on a mysterious planet, and only YOU can save them! Rise to the occasion and venture forth, brave explorer!


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1y ago

Man, I wasn't expecting Pikmin 4 info to be so casually dropped.

Having a character creator is a fun idea.


1y ago

A character creator poses it's own difficulties for story telling. With most custom characters, you're essentially decorating a plank of wood. They don't say anything during cutscenes, and their personality is non-existent. Compare that to previous games. Olimar could express his inner thoughts through his diary, and Louie was a massive goofball. I also liked the interactions between Alph, Brittany, and Charlie. Even if only one member of the rescue team is your custom character, that's still one character that's might be not contributing much to the story while the others are chatting it up.