I technically know a life without Capcom, but just barely. Capcom is now celebrating its 40th anniversary, which means I’m one year older than the famous game developer/publisher. Without a doubt, I can say my childhood was fueled by the franchises of Capcom, and it’s great to see them alive and well 4 decades later.

In honor of the special occasion, Capcom has shared a brand-new piece of artwork created by longtime Capcom artist, Kazuya Nuri. Nuri joined with Capcom back in 1999 with Breath of Fire IV, and he’s contributed to a number of big-name franchises over the years, including Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney.

Nuri’s art features a who’s who of Capcom characters from over the years. Some are still around and kicking in games, while others don’t get as much play as they used to. Still, each one of them is an integral part of Capcom, as they all helped the developer get to where they are today. Here’s to another 40 years (at least!), Capcom!


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1y ago

Ryu and Nina! I know Resident Evil and Monster Hunter are the big money makers, but I very much appreciate the acknowledgement of Breath of Fire.


1y ago

I'm glad there's still some love for Breath of Fire and Okami!


1y ago

It's interesting to see "hibernating" properies like Breath of Fire and Darkstalkers in there, and only makes me wonder if they hope to bring them back. At the very least it means Capcom sees these properties as part of their identity. There are probably a few dozen franchises they didn't include in this art.