The Mega Man Battle Network series was running strong for a number of years, proving to be quite the hit for Capcom. Then, after a wicked run through the GBA to DS, things came to an end with Mega Man Battle Network 6. Now we finally have an answer as to why.

4Gamer magazine spoke to Capcom’s Masakazu Eguchi to learn more about the Mega Man Battle Network franchise, including why things wrapped up after Mega Man Battle Network 6. It turns out the team was pondering whether to push on or close out the series during development of the 6th title, and it seems the passage of time was the main reason why the team decided to move on. You can see Eguchi’s response below, courtesy of a translation from Nintendo Everything.

Within the team we discussed whether to finish in a way that left room for continuation or a decisive conclusion.

If we hadn’t ended like that perhaps we would have been able to do a little more, but at the time we were moving from the Game Boy Advance to the Nintendo DS, and about the same length of time from entering elementary school to graduating had passed, so it felt like I should ‘graduate’ too.

Ultimately we started with the launch of the Game Boy Advance, and concluded with the transition to the DS, so perhaps that was a very clean way to finish.

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1y ago

I feel confident the real reason was sales.