The next batch of weekly releases for the Switch eShop is here! As usual, there’s a huge list of titles coming to the platform, with both small and large releases to pique your interest. Take a look at the full list for Europe for the week of June 15th, 2023.

  • Alchemic Cutie
  • Annalynn
  • Avia Corporation
  • Beat ‘Em Up Archives
  • Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story
  • Bloo Kid
  • Brave Soldier: Invasion of Cyborgs
  • Dogotchi: Virtual Pet
  • Dordogne
  • Fall of Porcupine
  • Flannel Amethyst
  • Forest Golf Planner
  • Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt
  • Horse Club Adventures: Complete Collection
  • Jack Jeanne
  • nPiano
  • ProtoCorgi
  • Raiden III x Mikado Maniax
  • Smushi Come Home
  • Sqroma
  • Summer Daze: Tilly’s Tale
  • Super Drunken Guy
  • Tails of Transport
  • The Fairy’s Song
  • The Sin

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1y ago

ProtoCorgi sounds like RoboCop’s K9 partner. I bet it’s catch phrase is “Dead or Alive, you are cuddling with me”.