The Switch has played host to countless classic and brand-new RPGs, and many of them have found great success. You can now add Shin Megami Tensei V to that list.

Atlus has confirmed that through digital sales and shipments, Shin Megami Tensei V has now reached 1 million units sold. As of right now, the game is only available on the Switch, so 100% of those units sold are thanks to Nintendo fans.

To celebrate the milestone, Atlus has released the above artwork featuring the game’s protagonist.

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2y ago

That's awesome! SMT is slowly growing out from a small niche and it's younger brother Persona's shadow. I hope it can maintain it's identity as it moves into the mainstream.

I enjoyed my time with SMTV, but that was in spite of it's story which felt less complex and engaging than previous entries.

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2y ago

The various sales, both physical and eShop, have helped it. I think it was even on sale after less than a month. Still a good milestone though.