We all thought E3 2023 was going to go ahead this year, but then various companies started to announce they wouldn’t be attending. That was followed by an announcement of the event’s cancellation altogether. If you were holding out hope for the big show’s return next year, we’ve got more bad news to share you.

The Los Angeles City Tourism Board of Commissioners has posted information about convention sales in the area, and it included a brief note mentioning that E3 2024 and 2025 are both cancelled. Obviously, the ESA hasn’t made a peep about next year’s E3 being called off, let along the year following.

Companies are having no problem hosting their own E3-style presentations, but they end up getting spread throughout all of June. Fans have lamented the move and wish the industry would rally around E3 again, or at least some sort of similar event. Whether that comes to fruition remains to be seen.

UPDATE: The gang at VGC got a comment from the ESA, who says that ‘no final decisions’ have been made at this point. You can see their full comment below.

“ESA is currently having conversations about E3 2024 (and beyond), and no final decisions about the event have been made at this time.”


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1y ago

This year keeps proving E3 doesn't need to exist. We've gotten a lot of great game announcements over this summer, even though they didn't happen within just a few days. In some ways, having them spread out a bit more has been nice and has given me more time to process and enjoy the announcements.

I would not rally to bring E3 back.

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1y ago


I somewhat agree. I feel like those who have been lucky enough to attend will miss it for the sheer sense of community and networking. Losing real life events and replacing them with precorded videos is kind of dystopian.

I've been to E3 twice. You're right that it's an exciting experience that some people will probably miss. But after attending, I found that I was able to experience more of E3 on my computer through trailers and recorded presentations than I was actually walking the floor. Sure, I did get to play some games early. But it was a fleeting privilege that was gone in around six months when everyone else could play it too.

You know what, though? Maybe I'll backtrack and agree with you a bit. It was a fun experience. I think I'd like to do it again. But I went right about at E3's peak. I've heard the most recent years of E3 were scaled-down and not as fun and exciting as it used to be. It probably WOULD be nice to have E3 back if was at its best.


1y ago


That all makes sense! I remember some lines to play the popular games being incredibly long. There are always other in person events, and maybe teams will be more open to releasing their demos digitally.