Will Call of Duty ever come to Switch? That’s a question we’ve been wondering for years, but we’ve been inching ever closer to the ‘yes’ side of things ever since Microsoft has been eying up Activision Blizzard.

As you no doubt know, Microsoft is trying to acquire Activision Blizzard, and they’ve met some opposition from the FTC. The two are in the middle of a legal battle now, which means Microsoft is being asked all sorts of questions about their plans should the deal go through. Those plans, as you know, would include bringing Call of Duty to Switch, and subsequent Nintendo platforms.

If this acquisition does go through, that means there’s a real chance Call of Duty could see at least one installment on Switch. Microsoft has previously said that Call of Duty on Switch would have feature parity with other platforms and arrive on the same date. That said, what can we really expect from a Switch version? Spencer has shed a bit of light on that.

One of the many questions Spencer has answered in the courtroom battle was about Call of Duty on Switch. According to Spencer, the goal for Call of Duty on the platform would be to provide something equal to, if not better than the quality of other Switch games. Specifically, Spencer says the devs would aim to make a game that played ‘relatively great,’ when stacked up against other Switch relases.

While the goal is to create a game that plays great on Switch, it’s obviously not going to look the same as other platforms. When directly asked if Call of Duty on Switch would look the same when compared to an Xbox Series X version, Spencer says it’ll play great, but it won’t look the same.

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1y ago

We all have lofty goals that we will always fall short on lol.

cheesus 2

1y ago

Wish Nintendo would just reveal the Switch U already so we can stop getting the standard 30fps, 720 games


1y ago

Where have we heard this before, only to see CoD missing key features or modes? It’s been a decade, but now they suddenly want to put it on a Nintendo console? Okay. 😅


1y ago

@cheesus 2

"Switch U"... man, don't I wish.