Following the reveal of new gameplay earlier today, we have some equally exciting details about TMNT: Shredders Revenge to share.

First up, Tribute Games and Dotemu have confirmed that TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge will launch sometime in Summer 2022. Not only will there be a digital release, but fans can look forward to a physical release as well. Finally, a digital soundtrack for the game will be made available as well.

In even bigger news, it was confirmed that the voices actors who played the Turtles in the classic 1987 animated TV series will return for this game. Classic Turtles fans can look forward to hearing the voices of Cam Clarke (Leonardo), Townsend Coleman (Michelangelo), Barry Gordon (Donatello), and Rob Paulsen (Raphael) jump back into the role, bringing one hell of a nostalgia dose with them.


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2y ago

Nice but an actual date would have been nicer.


2y ago

WOW! I was already looking forward to this game, but it just keeps getting better.


2y ago

Summer 2022 more than likely means the end of September..but I'm still excited for this game.

the schaef

2y ago

Thrilled to see Cam Clarke back in action.


2y ago

Physical version confirmed?!

I am more excited for this than any game in years, but that just put it over the top. I need this game yesterday.


2y ago

This game and the Cowabunga collection are everything I wanted a Nintendo console for back when I discovered gaming. What an age to be playing.