Poor Star Fox Zero…it never even had a chance. The Star Fox franchise is one of Nintendo’s less-popular franchises, and the latest installment in the series released on the Wii U, meaning it had very little chance to break through. Personally, I find this to be a real shame, as I truly enjoyed the game, and I’m a huge fan of Star Fox in general. Turns out Takaya Imamura, former art director for Nintendo, feels the same way.

Imamura took to Twitter to shout into the void, hoping that Nintendo hears his call and moves on it. Imamura stated that 6 years have passed since Star Fox Zero landed on Wii U, and he would really like to see Nintendo port it to the Switch. Imamura notes that there would be some struggles in bringing the game over, but he still believes it would be a worthwhile effort.

On top of all that, Imamura also states that he’d be willing to return to Nintendo to work with them on a sequel animation for the project. Star Fox Zero had an absolutely wonderful animated short produced alongside it, which you can see here. Imamura wants to create another piece in that style for a Star Fox Zero Switch port, and he’d be willing to work on the scenario and overall content.

I’m sure porting Star Fox Zero to the Switch wouldn’t be worth the time, money, or effort for Nintendo, but so many other Wii U exclusives made the jump, it would be nice to see Fox and the gang get another chance at success.

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2y ago

I would love to see it ported to Switch with actually intuitive and usable controls. HOWEVER this game needs more of its gonna be a semi-new release in 2022/23. Add in a few more missions maybe even a Bowser's Fury esque side quest with Krystal or something. Polish off the graphics/visuals, Add in an online multi-player mode too and you could have something there. But a straight port I don't think would cut it.


2y ago

No thanks. Apart from the abominably atrocious controls, it's not a very good game to begin with. Adding an online multiplayer mode could help somewhat.


2y ago

If it presents an opportunity to return second-screen functionality to the Switch somehow, sure. I'm all for it.

the schaef

2y ago

Get Xenoblade X on the system first. Then let's talk.


2y ago

Nah, I think they'd be better off pretending this game never existed, kinda like they do with Virtual Boy and the F-Zero series. Star Fox Zero disproved that old quote "a delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever" (which FYI was never a Miyamoto quote, so let's just debunk that myth too while we're at it).

Just make a new Star Fox and don't worry about any controller gimmicks or turning it into any other genre that it doesn't belong in. Just focus on what it was that players liked about the first couple of games. I'd really like a new one with a 4 player online co-op story mode.

I mean it came with another game originally. One that would be even harder to try to port. So I imagine something would have to take it's place.

Maybe adding a multiplayer death match mode with updating gear and vehicles.

Maybe in 2 years when they can put out another Xenoblade game. Since it's possible 2023 will 3's DLC.


2y ago

If this is the only way Nintendo is willing to give Star Fox another chance, I say go for it--but ONLY if they give us traditional controls.


2y ago

Star Fox Zero is my favorite Star Fox game!

But there's no way to port it to the switch and keep what made it such a great game.

I know it gets hate for the controls, but if you give them a chance and realize it's not *supposed* to be played like a generic rails shooter, it's a great experience.

Zero was the most truly "next-gen" experience I've had since the Wii, where I found myself experiencing game design that just did not exist up until that point.

I'll always cherish the memories I have with this game.

That said, the hovercopter levels could go.