Disney Illusion Island is a brand-new game coming to Switch, and only Switch, on July 28th, 2023. There have been plenty of Switch exclusives over the years, but it’s a pretty big feather in the Switch’s cap to land a Disney-exclusive.

In an interview with, developer AJ Grand-Scrutton opened up about the choice to bring Disney Illusion Island to just Switch, which was apparently decided on day one.

Yeah, it was there from day one to be honest. I think when we were figuring out between us what we’re going to do with this, and what excited us was … I talk about a lot when we were kids. When we were kids, we loved Castle of Illusion, World of illusion, but a lot of us grew up as Nintendo fans. My first console was the NES that I got for my fourth birthday. Some members of our team don’t even know what NES is, because they’re too young, and that’s horrific. But it just felt like a great natural fit, and for us from a really, really selfish perspective, we got to make a Mickey Mouse game that comes out on Nintendo. That is … we’ve ticked off a massive pair of bucket list things right there.

And I think when you think about the audience as well, to bring these characters back to a video game, I think it’s the first time all four of them are together in a game as well. To do that, through an audience we’re going for, Switch was the perfect fit.

[AJ Grand-Scrutton ]

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