Still trying to decide where you’re going to buy Nintendo Switch Sports from? If you don’t mind driving to a brick-and-mortar location, Target might be the place to go.

The latest flyer from Target reveals that those who head into Target locations to pick up Nintendo Switch Sports will get to take home a drawstring back for free. As you can see above, the bag also features some Nintendo Switch Sports imagery.

You have to love a bonus item that’s both fashionable AND useful!

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2y ago

I want the water bottle and the drawstring.... but realistically i feel like both will just gather dust never to be used. I still don't know what to do with this Kirby pouch from Target that I don't want to use cause it'll get messed up.


2y ago


I usually think this same way; items that are very useful, but I'm afraid to use them. I broke that personal curse by using a Switch drawstring bag I got at launch, and that sucker is still going! Get to spread the Switch word everywhere I go, and I get a useful bag to lug around as well!

Thing is...I had two bags. I only convinced myself to use one because I could keep one safe. I'M LIVING A LIE!