The next big thing heading to Netflix is the live-action One Piece adaptation, which arrives on August 31st, 2023. Taking on the main role of Luffy is actor Iñaki Godoy, and Netflix sat him down for an interview that surprisingly focused on a ton of Nintendo talk.

Netflix has a ‘Growing Up Geeked’ video series they share on YouTube that talks to actors about their hobbies from childhood that have persisted into their later years. In the case of Iñaki Godoy, it’s very clear that not only does he have a passion for videogames, he seems to be a big fan of Nintendo in general.

During the interview, Iñaki shares his appreciation for the Mario and Legend of Zelda franchises in general, and he specifically calls out Super Mario Galaxy as a piece of art. He then parlays that discussion into one about desperately wanting a GameCube, as he’d love a chance to play all the classics from that system.

Hey Nintendo, now would be the perfect time to hop on the hype train for One Piece by helping Iñaki Godoy realize his dreams!

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11M ago

I've always felt Zelda Wind Waker was highly inspired by One Piece


11M ago

Then just get a Gamecube...

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