In the months since it first released, Overwatch 2 has been shedding players. It’s no secret that quite a few fans have been upset with a variety of decisions made by the dev team, and some of those frustrated players have stepped away. According to the dev team, this isn’t anything to worry about.

IGN had the chance to talk with executive producer Jared Neuss about many things, including the dropping player base. According to Neuss, this player fall-off is all part of the normal flow of a free-to-play game.

“The declining stuff is basically, we are a free-to-play game and it is very easy to both come to the game and check it out, and to leave to check out other stuff. We see a normal ebb and flow of players. There’s nothing concerning to me or the team about any of that.”

[Executive Producer Jared Neuss]

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11M ago

How are those Steam user reviews doing, Jared?


11M ago

Blizzard doesn't know what 'fun' is anymore. In fact, I doubt most western developers do.


11M ago

As long as they got whales they literally don't care.


11M ago

I quit Overwatch 1 partway through because I got tired of it. It wasn't necessarily Blizzard's fault, but I had played Team Fortress 2 for around a decade and there's so much overlap between the two games that I just burned out on Overwatch.

I think I could have come back to Overwatch 2 for a good Player vs. Environment campaign, but that's not happening anymore. They cancelled everything I thought was interesting.