Did you know that it’s been roughly 20 years since Pokémon bread has been available in South Korea? The snack was on store shelves in the early 2000’s, but disappeared soon thereafter. Now, after decades of waiting, Pokémon fans in South Korean can finally chomp down on Pokémon bread once again…and it seems they’ve been *extremely *eager to do so.

Pokémon bread is priced at 1,500 won ($1.22) a piece in South Korea, and fans have been scooping up the product like crazy. In just one week of sales, 1.5 million Pokémon bread snacks were purchased. This has caused shortages and sellouts in South Korea, with convenience stores doing their best to restock the product.

Pokémon bread also comes with stickers, and those are now being sold through auction sites online. Obviously, these stickers are currently pulling in some decent cash, with a Squirtle sticker going for 15,000 won ($12.20). Here we thought the Pokémon cards were the collectibles, but it turns out bread is a much better investment!


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2+ y ago

I mean, a lot of Pokédex entries do make some pokémon sound tasty.


2+ y ago

With how high wheat prices are soring I can see why :^)


2+ y ago

Pokemon literally making huge dough