Switch sales in the US surpass the Wii

Wii would like to Switch

28 August 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 7

If you’re a dedicated Nintendo fan, you already know the Switch is killing it in terms of sales. The system keeps chugging along after 6+ years, and somehow it’s still breaking records as well.

According to a new report from Circana, the Switch has officially surpassed the total Wii sales in the United States. I think we all remember how much of a cultural phenomenon the Wii was, so to see the Switch outsell it is extremely impressive. Even crazier, there’s still more than enough life left in the Switch to keep heaping on millions of units sold.

The Switch should be somewhere over 40 million units sold in the U.S. right now. What we do know is that the system is less than 1 million units away from outselling the Xbox 360, and roughly 5 million units from beating out PS2 sales. With major titles like Super Mario Bros. Wonder on the way and a holiday season following right after, it seems like Switch is a lock for beating out both of those platforms.


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11M ago

I don’t ever recall a console still being this STRONG this late into its lifetime.


11M ago

As much as I still wish it was the Wii U which saw this success, to hell with it. Let's go for broke and see if we can surpass the DS and PS2 at the top.


11M ago

Yeah I have no doubts that the Switch will outsell the PS2 and DS sales. There is no way it can't seeing it's selling nearly one million per week in Japan.


11M ago


I'm not sure where you are getting your numbers, but it sells like 70k-90k per week in Japan. It's still an impressive number, but a long ways away from 1 mil a week.


11M ago

I wonder what ever happened to all of the idiots saying the Switch was gonna flop.


11M ago


They’re still around but have been saying we need a Switch 2/Pro since 2020


11M ago

Nintendo have obviously learned from past mistakes and it shows. The last Direct just shows that they will absolutely be supporting the Switch until it's successor arrives but they might push it even beyond that.
Very curious to how they will handle the successor. A stellar line-up is a no brainer so wonder what deals they have going on.
It's rumoured to be pretty expensive with a 399 dollar tag which can scare off some people.

Anyways! Congratulations, Nintendo for doing what many thought impossible =) Well palyed!