According to billbil-kun, Nintendo is planning on releasing a new Nintendo Switch OLED model based on Mario. The model will be called “Nintendo Switch - OLED Model - Mario Red Edition” and will feature two red Joy-Cons and a red dock, as reported by VGC.

The Joy-Cons and the dock will have the same shade as the standard Neon Red Joy-Con. The model is rumored to be released sometime before October 2023, which means we should see the announcement soon, maybe during tomorrow’s special Mario Direct.

Nothing is official yet, but as soon as Nintendo confirms or denies any of this, we’ll be sure to report on it.


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11M ago

Personally I want the red green joycon colour combination that's sold separately.

It's really ready to do a m and l for a joy con. You did it for Wii motes and dses Nintendo so can't you do it for the switch? :3


11M ago

The red Joy-Con did look sharp on the previous Mario Switch. I bet this gets announced during the direct if it is real.


11M ago

Ah there’s the rumoured “new” Switch model. Happens all the time. Happened with TOTK model, with Splatoon 3 model and more where rumourmongers take it as a rumour of a Switch Pro